Bulk and Wholesale Buying

We now offer wholesale and bulk ordering services. Whether you are a business owner or a love doll collector, let us take care of all your needs. We have cooperated with many companies and provided them with the sex dolls they need at the best price.

Below are some typical companies that we can help them get the highest quality branded and non-branded dolls directly from the most trusted manufacturers.


>Brick-and-mortar traditional sex shops
>Online adult retailers and e-commerce love doll stores
>Sex Doll Brothels
>Adult Entertainment Venues and Exhibitions
>Sex Doll Dropshipping Stores
>Production Companies – Television, Film, Documentary, etc.

If you want to SAVE BIG by buying in bulk for your business, please CONTACT US.

We’ll provide you with a quotation and doll-making estimated time within 24 hours. Once you confirm and approve the quotation, we will send you an invoice.