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Vekva Sex Doll Customize

Vekva Sex Doll Customize

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Vekva Sex Doll Customize

Note: In addition to the three choices below, we also offer many other options such as eye color, breast and nipple color, vagina color and type, and the ability to add hip shaking, mouth opening, breathing, etc., which will surely satisfy your imagination for him/her. For customized styles for each part, please click customer service to contact us, we are available 24/7, thank you!

VekvaSexDoll is a TDF certified manufacturer of TPE/Silicone sex dolls and we set the trend for TPE/Silicone sex dolls.

The dolls you browse on are authentic and guaranteed by their manufacturers, that you can get a response from the original manufacturer. ONLY sell genuine products, and offer professional consulting and after-sale service. VekvaSexDoll is the first-class choice for you.

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VekvaSexDoll is one of the hottest sex doll brands right now! They combine traditional wax sculptures with 3D digital modeling technology to give the love dolls angelic faces and devil bodies! The detailed treatment of Vekva silicone dolls is fantastic. The surface of the doll is printed with skin texture and blood vessels, and with delicate makeup, it will bring you the most realistic and extraordinary impression! Vekva's "Beauty Series" are all modeled by real human scans. If you have ever fantasized about owning a supermodel girlfriend, then your dream is gonna become reality!


· High Quality, Beautiful and Realistic Faces and Bodies
· Affordable Prices for Tall Silicone Dolls
· Active release of new avatars and bodies
· Free weight reduction options
· "Beauty Series" are all modeled by real people's scans
· Use non-toxic platinum silicone materials imported from the United States
· By default, the implantable hair option is not included, if you need it, find this extra option in "HAIR OPTION".
· It is normal for dolls of the same height and weight to deviate a little in each production run. The usual tolerance for height is 2-3cm (0.8"-1.2") and weight is 2-3kg (4.4-6.6lbs).

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