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Wireless Waterproof HD Solar License Plate Rear View Backup Camera Night Vision

Wireless Waterproof HD Solar License Plate Rear View Backup Camera Night Vision

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WNEW TECHNOLOGY: Solar power, embedded antennas, quick connection
The only real wireless backup camera system in the market
No drilling, no splicing, no cable, no antenna!
1/3” CMOS sensor, best image clarity

Note: Not recommended for NEW YORK and PENNSYLVANIA plates because it blocks the State Name.

This is the only truly wireless camera system on the market. If you want to do no wiring and no drilling look no further. This camera needs no power at all. It is truly wireless as you need no 12 volts power source or wiring for the camera at all. You simply screw it onto the holes of your license plate with the screws and tool. provided in the kit and the installation is done. It can be done in a matter of minutes by anybody, its a super easy installation. For the monitor, just plug it into the cigarette lighter adapter. The camera gets all its power from the sun as its solar powered. So whenever you are backing up you just tap the top of the monitor and it activates the camera for 30 seconds giving you plenty of time to back up safely. You can also tap it again to turn it off or double tap to leave it on for as long as you like if you want it on for an extended period of time. The camera will transmit up to 50 feet so you can use this on any vehicle from a small compact car to a longer RV or 5th wheel. The 4.3 inch monitor also comes with a suction cup mount in addition the dash mount, so its very easy to find a place to mount it securely and safely. The camera has a 110 Degree angle so you can see everything behind you clearly. It also has night vision as well as full color. The camera is waterproof as well. The camera has a solar lithium battery that will last for hours so you should never be low on battery. The sun recharges the battery all day long to insure you are not left without a backup camera. When charged fully, the battery will last for several months under average use, which is about 5 times a day, with no sunlight. Please note - You need to make sure you are able to install this camera on your license plate. It pops out a bit so if you can install a frame around your license plate you should be okay. But in some vehicles there is not enough room for the camera to install on the plate

* High Quality US License Plate Bracket--The stylish heavy duty chrome plated license plate bracket is made of premium stainless steel, which is harder than aluminum and can provide long lasting protection from corroding, rusting and aging. Also, it's suitable for all vehicles that use a standard US license number plate holder.
* Truly wireless system that use Solar power needed to the camera
* Solar powered waterproof camera will last months with no sunlight
* Easy to install in minutes, no drilling or wiring
* No tools needed to install, just screw it in with the tool provided
* Works on any vehicle

* 1/3” CMOS sensor, smart, high tech, high quality camera
* Solar chargeable battery is embedded to camera plate, low power consumption
* Waterproof, dust proof (IP65),
* 110-degree wide angle, reduced blind spot,
* Best image clarity and night vision,
* Operating temp -10ºC ∼ +50ºC
* Digital 2.4G

* 4.3 in color monitor
* On-screen parking guidelines.
* Antennas are embedded to monitor and camera plate.
* Can be stick on dashboard or windshield Stable and reliable wireless system. Automatically connects to the monitor when the engine is run or when the monitor is touched.

* Just attach the license plate frame to the rear of your vehicle, plug in the monitor and ready to go!
* Totally wireless, no drilling, no splicing, no cable, no antenna!
* Both camera and monitor run and connect to each other when the car started or the monitor touched.
* Camera and monitor do not need to be connected with cable to each other or to any antenna. Both has embedded wireless antennas.
* Camera do not need to be connected to the power cable or reverse light cable. Power comes its embedded solar power system.

Package including:
1 * Wireless License Plate Camera
1 * Wireless Video Monitor Panel
1 * Car Charger
1 * Windshield Bracket Holder
1 * Manual
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